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How to save and/or erase an eventlog

  1. Choose the eventlog you want to save/erase. If you choose a remote computer, you must expand the network branch, or add it with the add server choice of the file menu, or with the button of the toolbar.
  2. Choose the action:
    • With the action menu.
    • With the toolbar: for save, for erase, for save and erase.
    • With the context menu you obtain with the right button of the mouse when an eventlog is selected.


You can save the object only if the specified file doesn't exist and if the directory exists.

If you save the eventlog from another computer, a temporary file is created on the remote computer, and then the file is moved where you specify it. You must have the write permission on the temp directory of the remote computer and there must be enough space in this remote directory.

Don't forget that you can schedule the save and/or erase of your eventlog. See How to schedule an action for more details.

Updated 09/14/2000
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